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Southern Scholar purple socks


Based out of Dallas, Texas, Southern Scholar is a leading ecommerce men’s dress sock company. They operate on a subscription box business model, where each month members are sent a new pair of socks, designed for seasonality, and corresponding style advice to help them look their best.


Southern Scholar had an existing brand identity that felt outdated and in need of a makeover. Their visual style did not accurately reflect their values, personality, or messaging as a company. Branding is essential for creating a strong, recognizable identity that can differentiate a business, build trust and loyalty with customers, and ultimately drive growth and success. Therefore, it was crucial for Southern Scholar to have a strong brand identity that would set their products and services apart from their competitors.


I was hired lead a brand refresh for the company. To begin the rebranding process, I performed research to identify the target audience, so that I could better understand their needs and preferences. I was then able to give the brand a more bold and modern aesthetic, which was achieved by revamping their logo, brand colors, typography and packaging design system. I even got to create some refreshing new sock designs for them.


- Research
- Logo Design
- Packaging Design
- Product Design


- Figma
- Illustrator
- Photoshop

Brand Colors

Southern Scholar brand colors

Logo Typography

Southern Scholar typographySouthern Scholar typography

Logo System

In order to maintain some brand recognition when redesigning the Southern Scholar logo, it was required that I build off of their original crossing arrows logo. They wanted the logo to be similar to what they already had in place, but with an updated aesthetic. A number of logo variations were designed in order to support flexibility across various platforms.

Old Southern Scholar logo
Old Badge
New Southern Scholar logo
New Badge
Southern Scholar logoSouthern Scholar logo

Packaging Design

Another part of the rebranding that I got to work on was the packaging design system. Southern Scholar sends out new socks to their members each month. I was able to redesign the box that they ship their socks in, as well as all of the components that are included within that box.

Southern Scholar packaging designSouthern Scholar packaging box template
Old Southern Scholar packaging
Old Packaging
Southern Scholar packaging
New Packaging
Southern Scholar packagingSouthern Scholar packaging
Southern Scholar packagingSouthern Scholar packaging

Dress Sock Designs

Southern Scholar was also in need of some new dress sock designs. I was able to create some fun patterns that they had never used before, expanding the variety of their product line with some refreshing and unique looks.

Southern Scholar striped socks
Southern Scholar green socksSouthern Scholar green socks
Southern Scholar purple socks
Southern Scholar blue socksSouthern Scholar green socks