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Southeast Valley Alliance logo on stationary


Southeast Valley Alliance is a veterans association based out of Arizona. They provide access to a range of resources and information that are helpful to veterans and their families. These resources include job training and placement services, educational opportunities, mental health resources, and financial assistance.


To gain some recognition within the community, Southeast Valley Alliance needed a strong brand identity. As a nonprofit, this is critical as it will lead to more exposure and allow them to create more opportunities for individuals in their community, which is their ultimate goal.


I worked with a team of designers to develop a brand identity for Southeast Valley Alliance. We collaborated with boad members of this veterans association to better understand what they needed their brand identity to accomplish. They shared their goals with us and together we devised a branding plan.


- Research
- Visual Strategy
- Logo Design
- Brand Guidelines


- Figma
- Miro
- Trello
- Illustrator
- Photoshop

Brand Values

As a team we came up with five brand values that we used to guide our branding process. These brand values are the foundational beliefs that make Southeast Valley Alliance so special. With the brand values set in place, we then performed competitor research, created moodboards and iterated on a number of logo variations.

Southeast Valley Alliance brand values


Our team created various moodboards that represented the different directions we could take the branding in from a visual design perspective. The moodboard below is the one that resonated most strongly with the board members, and therefore is the one that we based our visual design style off of. It draws inspiration from the five brand values, the American flag and the Arizona desert.

Southeast Valley Alliance branding moldboard

Brand Colors

Southeast Valley Alliance brand colors

Logo Typography

Southeast Valley Alliance logo typographySoutheast Valley Alliance logo typography

Logo System

The logo that was chosen combines a shield with a creative take on the Arizona state flag. The shield is representative of the brand value strength. It is also a symbol of protection, which embodies the home that Southeast Valley Alliance will provide for the community.

Our goal was to create a logo system, with numerous logo variations in order to support flexibility across various platforms. A supporting logo that we designed places the shield logo into the chest of an eagle. The eagle is another symbol of strength, and represents those that have served our country.

Southeast Valley Alliance logo
Southeast Valley Alliance logoSoutheast Valley Alliance logo
Southeast Valley Alliance logo
Southeast Valley Alliance logo

Logo Applications

Southeast Valley Alliance logo on sign
Southeast Valley Alliance hat logo mockupSoutheast Valley Alliance t-shirt logo mockup
Southeast Valley Alliance hat logo mockupSoutheast Valley Alliance t-shirt logo mockup